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Study: Coffee Might Decrease Chances Around Kidney Disease


A recent study revealed that drinking coffee could reduce risks around chronic kidney illness, thus offering benefits when it comes to kidney function. Researchers associated to the findings stated that with no cure for this illness, focus recently has been on detention of chronic kidney disease (CKD), as well as prevention around its progression, and strategies to avoid and improve management of diabetes and hypertension (both linked factors behind kidney issues).

While past research has revealed that those who consume coffee on a regular basis lower risks around CKD, the team that conducted the recent findings stated that previous studies offer heightened confusion around links to the benefits of coffee and kidney disease, as individuals with CKD risk factors (smoking, high body mass index, and hypertension) tend to drink more coffee, as well.

In an effort to battle these past study limitations, the team used Mendelian randomization (MR), which exploits the genetic variations that can influence adaptable exposure to risk factors, and approximate a causal link between outcome and exposure.

The team gathered genetic analysis samples from close to 228,000 United Kingdom (UK) participants. The researchers found that drinking an extra cup of coffee daily was linked with an effect that was protective against CKD. The team added that an active coffee ingredient could offer effects and play a role in decreased oxidative stress and inflammation; both of which add to CKD progression and onset.

The team added that this MR analysis offers up the idea around a protective role that coffee consumption has when it comes to retaining kidney health and a link to coffee lovers.

While the caffeine component of coffee has always been negatively viewed upon, the very idea that coffee could have even a small effect when it comes to chronic kidney disease risk, is very good news. In fact, coffee lovers should rejoice, overall. While you don’t want too much caffeine keeping you jittery throughout the day, other benefits to the hot drink include: daily essential nutrients in the beverage; it helps to fight depression; it’s a great source of antioxidants, as well as it helps you burn fat.

Past research has revealed that coffee also may aid to protect your liver, decrease chances around certain types of cancers, lower chances of type 2 diabetes, protect you from dementia and Alzheimer’s, and decrease your risks around Parkinson’s disease.

So, if you love coffee, drink up, butter cup! It may help not only help to “wake you up”, and keep you going throughout the day, but also aid with preventing some high-level illnesses.