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Plant-Based Kidney Cleansers

RM Kidney

It would be hard to disagree with the fact that as a species, we have never been more technologically advanced. Never in our history have we been able to do more, see more, or understand more of the world around us. Thankfully, this premise has carried over to the realm of medicine, however, despite all of our advancements, a growing trend is the turning away from invasive and manufactured medicines in lieu of more natural alternatives. And while this practice can be seen across just about every ailment, it is kidney disease that is showing the most promise.

Kidney disease means that the kidneys are damaged and can’t filter blood like they should. This damage can cause wastes to build up in the body. It can also cause other problems that can harm your health. For most people, kidney damage occurs slowly over many years, often due to diabetes or high blood pressure. So what can be done about it?

Glad you asked because we have spoken to dieticians and M.Ds in order to provide you with the best natural remedies and supplements for anything and everything that ails your kidney:

Horsetail is a common weed, which possesses diuretic properties. It increases urine output and helps to flush the kidney and renal system. It is also a natural remedy for kidney stones. It can be brewed and drunk as tea about three times in a day.

Marshmallow Root is a soothing herb, which calms the tissues of the kidney. It is a mild diuretic and increases the urine output.

Dandelion Root is a natural diuretic, which also helps, in waste elimination; it is also a kidney tonic.

Parsley is both an aromatic and a diuretic. It eliminates wastes and toxins from the urinary tract.

Celery Rod, as well as the seeds, is/are a natural diuretic. It helps to eliminate toxins as it increases the urine output. Celery root is also a tonic for the kidney tissues.

Uva Ursi is also known as bearberry. It is used for the treatment of urinary tract infection. It combines well with dandelion root for the treatment of recurrent urinary tract infection. It is highly indicated for the management of struvite stones.

Golden rod tones up the tissues of the kidneys and urinary tract and detoxifies the kidneys.

Kidney beans are shaped like the kidney, it has been found to be effective against the pain associated with kidney stones. When the pod is boiled for four to six hours and drunk after cooling throughout the day, the pain disappears fast.

Phyllantus niruri is otherwise known as Chancra piedra (stone breaker). It is a tropical plant, which is particularly useful in supporting the health of the liver, bladder, and kidneys. Like one of the names indicates, it dissolves stones in any of those organs mentioned.

Most of these can be found either in your local grocery or health store, however, we always encourage you to speak with your doctors before you begin taking any new supplements or significantly altering your diet.