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Kidney Health Added to Yoga’s Many Benefits

RM Kidney

The human body is a wonder of interconnected organs and systems that work seamlessly to ensure not only our overall health but give us the ability to sustain life – that is until something goes wrong.

When it comes to our bodies, more specifically, organs that come to mind when we think of getting sick, there a few that stand out. The lungs, the heart, the liver; all of these are seemingly “high profile” organs usually get most of the attention, when in reality, it is some lesser considerations that often have the biggest impact. A perfect example of this is the important but often forgotten about kidneys.

Kidneys are incredibly important to our bodies and overall health. Kidneys help to regulate the amount of water in our bodies by removing the excess and retaining what’s needed. The kidney all helps to remove waste and balance our body’s mineral content. And finally, our kidneys are also responsible for produce hormones that regulate blood pressure, red blood cell production and calcium balance.

So knowing now that the kidneys are so vital to our health, it begs the question as to what can be done to ensure our kidneys are working at their best? The answer might be found in the 5,000-year-old practice known as yoga.

Modern medicine has certainly come a long way in diagnosing, treating and curing disease and sickness – and kidney health is no exception. However, a growing trend in recent years has been to simplify medical and to attempt a more natural, less intrusive means of treatment; and few fit that description better when it comes to lowering the risk of kidney stones and improving kidney function like yoga.

Yoga stimulates and massages various organs throughout the body as a means to promote and maintain overall health. When a regular yoga routine is coupled with a kidney-friendly diet, it can yield even more positive results. Yoga reduces the stress of body and mind, which in turn reduces the stress on the kidney and promotes internal cleansing by removing the toxins in the body.

So can you integrate yoga into your lifestyle and reap the rewards? Simple, just try these poses:

Backbends: Lay on your back with your arms above your head, all the while keeping your knees bent so your feet are flat on the ground. Now simple press your hands down and push yourself upward so you are in an upside-down “U”, or bridge position.

Raised Leg Pose: While lay on your back with your arms above your head, raise both your legs directly up so that you are staring at your toes.

Breathing Pose: Sit on the floor with your legs crossed. Make sure your back is straight with your hands on your knees. Now simply inhale deeply, keeping a focus on your breath.

Wind-Releasing Pose: On your back, lift and bend both of your legs and bring your knees up to, or as close to your chest as possible and hold for a ten count.